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With a flair for trends, we represent multiple innovations that have become true bestsellers. For a decade our wedding albums are the preferred brand on the Bulgarian market. The same is true of several models of our graduation albums. We offer picture frames in five photographic sizes, which is unconditionally preferred by our clients for over 20 years... And of course we will continue to offer it.

Our direct contacts with dozens of manufacturers enable us to fulfil all our customers requirements without any restrictions on the quantity. We have had clients such as Nestle, Prokter & Gamble, Sopharma and Beiersdorf among many others.

Firmly leaning on our beliefs, our teams constantly work to expand our product range. Even today in the age of electronics, we still believe that your baby's photo printed on photographic paper and stored in a good album will last more than 100 years for you and your family to enjoy.

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